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Aniya came to us on November 15.

Every year we don’t do a “celebration”, we don’t have a party………but every year, I DO acknowledge my babygirl with a Free-style RAP and Dance just for her. ┬áThis year will be very different, as I wont get to run in her room as i have done the past 18 years, and make up a rhyme and dance and jump on her bed and laugh.

THIS year, however, I have decided to claim NOVEMBER 15 as National NIYA Day, or as we so affectionately call her “Nna”.

So, I and Aniyas brother invite YOU to join us for National Niya Day, on November 15. ┬áThis Day we will don her favorite color and if you are able, her favorite brand PINK……..all for the Love of Aniya!